Aerial Data Processing as a Service 

Drones are powering amazing new business insights, but this presents new challenges for organisations looking to harness this new technology. Large image data sets are difficult to manage in many traditional IT network environments. End customers also need convenient access to large image data sets. 

Think UAV offers aerial data processing into industry standard formats such as GeoTIff, MBtiles and LAZ point cloud outputs. At the core of our ADPaaS is our ThinkMapper software system which enables processed image assets to be quickly and securely shared with end customers.

No matter the size of the aerial data processing challenges your business faces Think UAV delivers high accuracy outputs on budget and on time. 

If you require a custom one of data processing run, or perhapes require overspill for large projects we can support your business to deliver your end clients requirements. 

Not sure which is the best sensor and aircraft for data collection? Our team can advise you and even engage with our partners to carry our aerial data collection on your behalf. 

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