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Photogrammetry Software Solution

ThinkMapper is a simple and cost effective aerial photography processing platform for Orthophotography, Digital Elevation, and 3D Modelling.



ThinkMapper is a fully featured photogrammetry software platform designed for aerial (drone) images. 


Digital Terrain Modelling

2.5D Digital Surface Modelling

3D Digital Surface Modelling

Elevation Contours

3D Point Clouds

Ground Control Point Support

Easy to Use GCP Interface

Elevation Profiles

3D Textured Models

Distance, Height & Angle Measurements

Area & Volume Measurements

Visualise Plant Health

Data Exporting






Suited to small operators and enthusiasts

12 Month Subscription




Suited to commercial operators and professionals

12 Month Subscription




Suited to small businesses and teams

12 Month Subscription 


Enterprise Photogrammetry

Looking for an enterprise grade aerial data processing and management platform? 

Our ThinkMapper enterprise solution gives you the edge over you competition allowing you process and share aerial data images from your very own branded portal. 

Enterprise Photogrammetry 

All included in enterprise 

  • Your own logo and branding

  • Your own instance, domain and URL

  • Upload, process, display and download results right from the dashboard

  • Your customers can login to their own area to view results; everything they see appears to be run by your own company

  • No IT skills required – we handle all the setup and maintenance 

  • Unlimited survey processing and data storage options available

  • Dedicated uncontested processing nodes available 

  • Benefit from included platform updates

  • Options to integrate with your own website

Take your aerial data delivery to new heights with your own instance of our powerful ThinkMapper platform. 

Take control of your data processing and wow your customers with unrivalled access to insights. Create accounts for each of your customers, let them login to share visual results with themselves or others directly in the browser.

Need enterprise grade security? We offer dedicated uncontested nodes on-prem or VPC all backed up by our experienced professional services and project management team. 

Need a demo? Please get in touch today with our friendly technical team. 

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